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Men’s Health San Diego

At Fontaine MD, we address the important aspects of men’s health that keep men at the top of their game. We know that men do not like going to the doctor, so we get right to the point and get you feeling great quickly.

We provide innovative services that help men achieve the highest level of health so they can continue to enjoy the things they love and excel at work, sports, family, relationships, and other activities. Some of our popular treatments are our Healthy Aging Program with testosterone replacement therapy, the P- shot and GAINSWave , CoolSculpting and hair restoration.  Our comprehensive list of procedures can help address many of the challenges men face as they age.

Testosterone Therapy

Loss of adequate testosterone is common as men age and can contribute to erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, weight gain, loss of muscle, fatigue, brain fog, sagging skin, etc. To help remain at the top of your game, we replace your testosterone to optimal levels.  You may have been told that your testosterone in “normal” but that does not mean it is at an optimal level for your symptoms.  Testosterone replacement therapy can help you feel great again. Click Here to Learn More

P-shot and GAINSWave

If you are having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, the P-shot and/or GAINSWave may be right for you.  Both interventions are regenerative and help treat erectile dysfunction by addressing the underlying cause.  Using non-invasive high frequency low-intensity “shockwaves”, also known as “acoustic waves”, the GAINSWave treatment rejuvenates damaged erectile tissue.  The P-shot uses growth factors and other healing proteins from your own blood to help regenerate erectile tissue improving erections. Click Here to Learn More

Healthy Aging Program

Our Healthy Aging program uses a preventive medicine approach to help you feel great and decrease your risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and dementia.  This is multi-faceted program which includes the use of bioidentical hormones, nutrition coaching, exercise, sleep optimization and medical management of risk factors. Our goal is to help you feel your best and thrive so you can continue to do the things you love. Click Here to Learn More


If you are having trouble losing stubborn fat with diet and exercise, but don’t want to opt for a surgical procedure, Coolsculpting might be right for you.  Coolsculpting is a non-invasive body contouring procedure that freezes stubborn fat cells, allowing your body to eliminate them without the need for a surgery.  This procedure results in permanent loss of fat cells. Click Here to Learn More

Hair Restoration

A common sign of aging in men is hair loss.  Fortunately, we can stop hair loss and promote new hair growth with a non-surgical procedure using your body’s own growth factors and other healing proteins.  If your hair loss bothers you, we would love to discuss treatment options with you.


Botox is not just for women. We have many men in our practice that enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of Botox which reduces facial lines associated with aging. The most common areas treated in men are the forehead and around the eyes (crow’s feet). Click Here to Learn More

Laser Skin Care

The condition of the skin on your face is one of your attributes that others use to quickly assess your age.  We offer many laser procedures that can make you look years younger.  Our IPL addresses excess brown spots associated with sun damage as well as broken capillaries and spider veins.  Our Erbium resurfacing laser removes fine lines and sun damage and can make you look years younger with only a few days of “down time”.  When you look younger, you will most likely feel younger. Click Here to Learn More