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Skin Texture Issues San Diego

Skin texture is an important component of how your skin looks. Over time skin tends to become coarse, dull, and dry due to sun and other environmental damage. This is in part due to excess dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin. If you run your fingers across your face and it doesn’t feel soft with a smooth, even texture, then you are a candidate for our skin rejuvenation products and procedures. We offer physician-grade skincare products including brightening pads, vitamin C, and retinol or retinoid products, and sunscreen to help smooth and protect your face, in addition to chemical peels with our Aestheticaian. Our fractionated Erbium laser skin resurfacing is an excellent choice to remove the layers of damaged skin and dramatically improve texture, minimize fine lines and acne scars, and tighten skin. Learn more about your treatment options by clicking on the following links: