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Low Thyroid or Hypothyroid San Diego

Thyroid hormones are primarily responsible for regulation of metabolism and proper thyroid hormone levels are necessary for your body to function properly and for you to feel well. Your body primarily produces T4 which is then converted to the active form T3 . Therefore, it is important that your doctor checks several different thyroid hormone levels, not just TSH which is typically used as a screening lab for thyroid function. You can have a “normal” TSH but have symptoms associated with low thyroid. These symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, brain fog (trouble concentrating or remembering), feeling cold, dry skin, hair loss, depression, constipation, muscle weakness, aches in joints and muscles, itchy and dry skin, and heavy or irregular periods. You do not need to live with these symptoms that have a significant negative impact on your quality of life and put you at risk for disease. Dr. Fontaine can use his expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to optimize your thyroid levels and get you feeling good and thriving again. Learn more about your treatment options by clicking on the following links: